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10 websites that help improve NCEA results

There are many free online resources currently available to secondary school students. As young adults of the digital age, online learning is a great way for students to study and reach their academic potential. Below are a number of study and organisational resources your teen may find helpful in their pursuit for better NCEA results.

This resource provides students with NCEA approved practice tests which are in line with the internal assessment standards for Level 1, 2 and 3 in the New Zealand curriculum. This website also links to the NZQA website which has additional resources.

StudyStack allows users to create flashcard sets and to also search for sets made by other users. When a card is flipped, if the student gets the answer wrong the card will be returned to the pile and repeated until they get it right.


This digital planner allows students to track their coursework from anywhere and syncs changes automatically on their computers and phones. Assignments can be sorted by due date, by course or alphabetically and it also shows completed and overdue assignments.


Evernote allows students to organise all of their notes in one place. They can organise via subject and topics and create searchable tags to make it easier to find what they are looking for. It also allows students to set up reminders. It is a web based application, so all of their information is stored online and can be accessed on any computer.


The Pomodoro timer is a fun app that helps students stay on task without the distraction of checking the time. It rings an alarm every 25 minutes, alerting students to their five minute break. After two hours, a 15 minute break is required. The break timings are good study practice.


An online tool for both students and teachers, quizlet allows people to create flashcards, participate in learning games, practise spelling and take tests either individually or with others.


Study Blue is another online learning platform which allows students to access course specific material, while giving them the opportunity to create and use their own tools such as study guides, flashcards and notes.


Studyit has specifically been designed for NCEA students to help them achieve in English, Mathematics and Science. It outlines the requirements and allows students to get in contact with other students and teachers. Each subject is broken down into Levels 1,2 and 3 and then subdivided into achievement criteria, subject content, key tips, assessments, practice and links. 

LiveWire Learning has been created by New Zealand teachers and writers to assist students in study and revision. This eLearning resource is aimed at providing engaging, relevant and comprehensive material for a number of subjects. It also offers workbook resources and has sections for parents and teachers as well as students.

This tool helps students create unique mind maps and breaks broader information into smaller topics. Once a student creates a mind map, it allows them to see how topics are connected which helps with memorisation and understanding. This site also includes flashcards, a note taking platform, discussion forums and a study planner.

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