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NCEA University Entrance explained

University Entrance isn't a sure thing. Even if your teen passes NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 with flying colours there is still a chance they wont gain University Entrance (UE). The national average for students failing UE in 2014 was about 60% - don't allow your teen to fall into this percentage. Even if they don't want to go to university, gaining UE will keep their options open.

Before starting NCEA every student should understand the requirements to meet UE and they should track their progress throughout the year to make sure they are meeting this criteria. 
To gain University Entrance your teen must: 

  1. Pass NCEA Level 3
  2. Attain 14 credits each from three Level 3 'University Entrance approved' subjects
  3. Have met their Level 1 literacy and numeracy requirements
  4. Acquire 10 literacy credits - 5 reading, 5 writing - at Level 2 or above in addition to the 10 literacy credits acquired at Level 1.

What to find out more about NCEA? Download this eBook - Getting to grips with NCEA.

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